Change The World Through Digital Revolution

The NextGen Business Consultation and Marketing Company


Business Consultation
    • New Biz/Service Produce (PDCA)
    • Digital Transformation
    • Global Biz Expansion Support (Japan Inbound and Outbound)
    • M&A Planning and Implementation
    • Mobile Application Design and Development
Mobile Application Design and Development
    • iOS/Android Apps
    • Social Media
    • eCommerce
    • Mobile
    • Cloud
    • IOT
    • AI
Marketing and Analysis
    • CRM & Access Analysis PDCA for High ROI
    • B2B Marketing Automation Implementation
    • SMS/eMail Promotion

Our Strength

Digital Transformation Support
    • Mobile
    • Cloud
    • IOT
    • AI
Global Expansion Support
    • Offshore Application Development
    • Emerging Market Expansion
M&A Support
    • Service Providers
    • Data Centers/IXs


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